FALL 2018 Registration for our Scholastic Programs is now OPEN !

When: First day of Varsity Practice, if you are a HS student, that's you! Middle School athletes can be registered now too.

  • 8/27 (Monday)
  • Monday - Friday
  • 3 - 5:30 pm I know everybody works but this will be our long term schedule. Get here if you can. It's highly encouraged. If not we also understand. (It's a new format consider this coming week a soft launch into a strong year!
  • Where: The boathouse!

FYI: DUES will be handled in the very near future. Right now this is JUST getting registered, and for anyone with concerns about the future, come row for two weeks. See what has changed, we can figure out the the rest down the road at the parent meeting, which is 8 Sep from 10:am - noon at the Shen Central Campus. We'll let you know the building and room when we have it! 

The link to register is below - it is a separate site from www.shencrew.org, which is purely an informational resource.

With any registration questions or issues - CONTACT:  receivables@shencrewadmin.com


Fall 2018 - Register Now !